Become an Agent

Twin Cities Real Estate will give you the opportunity to become who and what you want to become as far as an entrepreneur.   Many companies are one dimensional and want you to fit into their one dimensional mold.

Whether you are interested in

  • Traditional Residential
  • Commercial Property Sales
  • Investing in your own portfolio
  • Rehabbing business

At Twin Cities Real Estate you will find an atmosphere and the business support that will enable you to grow your business to whatever size you’re looking for. The Brokers of Twin Cities Real Estate Dale and Jason Montgomery have a combined 30+ years of experience in both traditional real estate sales and real estate investing.

We also offer training and guidance for the latest online marketing training to help you grow your influence as an Agent with Twin Cities Real Estate.

  • Social Media
  • Online Ad Campaigns
  • Websites
  • Search Engine Marketing

We look forward to the opportunity to have you become one of our Twin Cities Real Estate Agents.