Getting the House Ready to Sell?

Where is usually the best place to start?  To be honest, it’s the kitchen.  Just tuck away the unneeded stuff off your counters and put them away.  Put your toaster away and only take it out when you need it.  Find a place where you can store everything in cabinets and drawers.  Obviously your not going to have cabinet space to put everything. So just clean them out. Anything that rarely gets used? Put them in a box or a tote and put them in the garage or storage.

Home buyers are going to open all your cabinets and drawers, especially in the kitchen to be sure there is enough room for their stuff. If your pantries, cabinets and drawers look full, the buyer is going to think twice and it doesn’t promote plentiful storage space. So with that being said, make as much space as possible so the buyer see’s as much room as possible.

If your pantry, cabinets or shelves are full, empty them out so it and don’t buy anything more than what you need til your home sells.  You know better than anyone that you don’t want to carry all that with you to your new home anyways, so think ahead!

And one of the the biggest things is to check under your sink. Make sure the area under your sink is as empty as possible, removing all extra cleaning supplies. Make sure you scrub the whole area down as well, and determine if there are any water leaks that may cause a homebuyer to hesitate in buying your home.