Buying A Home

Buying a home can be overwhelming and confusing. Our agents have the experience to guide you through the process with sound advice.  Here are some steps to below to help you with process and allows us to better help serve you.

1. Get Pre-Approved
Get a copy of your credit history and look at ways to improve it if needed. Try to get pre-approval for a loan amount that you qualify for. It is okay to use multiple lenders and see who will give you the best loan for your situation.

2. Determine Your Criteria
What areas and neighborhoods would you like to live in, and what amenities are important to you fireplace, large lot, split level, 2 story, or how many bathrooms would suit you.
Other things to consider what is nearby? Like parks, schools, shopping, and restaurants or be completely separated from the hustle.

3. Call your Agent
Now is a great time to call your agent and put us to work for you. We will take your information and work closely with you as possible to show you homes that fit your lifestyle and family. Its a good idea to when we go looking for home or next property that you ask a lot of questions about likes or dislikes and even ask us what potential we see in a property.

4. Make an Offer
We will help you with the negotiations to help you get the best value for your loan amount and make a fair offer. The goal is just to help you get an acceptance and start the process of a purchase agreement.

Once Your Offer Is Accepted: We help you with the next process that begins. Time frames for home inspections, repairs needed and working with your lender to get financing through so we can close on your next home.